LArge Domain


  • Seriously Aggresive Revenue Shares
  • Best-in-Industry Templates
  • Super-Optimization Technology
  • The Largest Advertiser Base
  • Multilingual Keywords & Advertisements
  • Support for all TLDs including IDNs & .MOBI
  • Comprehensive XML API

Skenzo's monetization program allows you to truly maximize revenue for ANY type of traffic across absolutely ALL Verticals. Our exclusive program is open to large domain portfolio holders ONLY!

Skenzo's solutions go far beyond simple semantic & behavior based optimization to generate exceptional revenue for you. Our automated systems analyze domain names on a real-time basis, create full-fledged websites dynamically, and display remarkably relevant commercial content which is modified live based on the nature of the visitor browsing your domain.

The Skenzo system uses proprietary learning algorithms allowing it to super-optimize performance of domains by analyzing every hit in real-time. To add to all of this, our ever growing Portfolio Analysis Team, constantly optimizes your domain names and ensures that they display the most targeted templates, along with hand-picked keywords that represent the perfect mix of high paying keywords and high CTRs.



Skenzo designs domain pages that allow you to retain users, ensuring return visits and therefore additional revenue per visitor. Our subject-specific portal designs actually turn parked domains into focused web destinations for visitors.

You can customize the appearance of your pages by choosing from a wide range of colors and templates. For high-revenue domains, we also allow you to completely re-design your pages to complement the theme of your domain.

Add your company logo, market your own products/services, sell your domain with a 'for sale' notice, display your corporate links and much more.

Every page can be designed to match your corporate look and feel, thereby reinforcing your brand image. In a nutshell, our program allows you to customize anything and everything.


Our proprietary Super-Optimization technology observes trends and patterns across every domain name to precisely identify topics that interest your visitors. Based on a wide range of criteria, it divides your visitors into several audience segments.

It then uses this information to deliver highly targeted content to each audience segment. It provides a clear insight into peoples' desires and interests, thereby making our optimization very unique and distinct.


Obviously, each of your domains is automatically optimized using semantic analysis and Super-Optimization technology, but that doesn't mean human intelligence should be ignored! The goal is to maximize revenue and we're willing to put in all it takes to achieve it.

A dedicated team of editors works towards evolving the quality of our optimization technology and constantly monitors the performance of your traffic. Our editors take an in-depth look at thousands of domains every week to audit optimization quality, visitor browsing patterns, traffic sources and various other parameters.


Is your current domain parking provider displaying English Keywords to Visitors looking for German or Chinese Content? Is the CTR on your International Traffic Low? Is your current provider not being able to monetize Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs)? You are losing substantial amount of money even if 10% of your traffic is from outside the US & UK.

Skenzo has always strived to maximize your revenue and we have done it again with our all new, patent-pending, multilingual optimization technology.

Skenzo offers the industry’s first and only technology that is capable of automatically determining the language a visitor wants to view a page in, and displaying relevant keywords and commercial content in that specific language. Our revolutionary solution maximizes your revenue while creating immense value for advertisers.

Over 30+ Languages Supported including:
English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese (simplified & traditional), Japanese, Korean, Russian, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Finnish, Hungarian, Swedish, Turkish, Hebrew, Arabic and more.


Got a dotMOBI? a dotEU? A dotCN or a dotJP? Skenzo optimization technology is engineered to monetize any and all TLD's. What's more, our templates are fully compliant with specific TLD formats enabling visitors to view our templates irrespective of platforms, browsers or devices thus maximizing the revenue potential of your domains. In a nutshell, our technology is geared to handle and monetize all present and future TLD's.


With Skenzo's API, you can now directly query our database from your applications and obtain domain-wise performance data in XML format.

The XML-API is very useful if you plan on importing domain monetization stats into your internal MIS applications. Custom analysis and research can easily be undertaken using the raw data obtained via the API.

Besides one of the top two Ad networks in the industry today, our program also features ads from a dozen other partners. These include PPC (pay-per-click) networks, banner networks, commission-based services, regional media companies and industry-specific ad specialists.

Strong partnerships with these providers allow us to deliver ads for all categories of business - and for practically all types of domains, no matter how broad or specialized. Our technology closely monitors this extensive collection of monetization alternatives and dynamically blends them to deliver the most profitable option for any type of traffic.